Had long term rental..The day before our month was up we went back into Rochester airport location to extend in also upgrade our rental.we recieved our upgrade paperwork in went on our journey..Days later we recieved a phone call stating that we had to renew our contract.We notified them that we were out of town in it would be a big inconvience to drive 7 hours back to the rental location.We also notified them that we just was there in was told all was good recieved new rental..We were threatned in told that car had to be returned or else we would go yo jail car would shut of etc.We asked could we just stop by a closer Alamo we were told no.After handling only a portion of our buisness on our trip we returned vehichle.Initially we got charged proper amounts.Next day all these bogus charges applied in which overdrafted our account.After all the calls to custumer service..After all the calls to the rental location nothin has happend.We were told district manager would call here it is a week later still nothin...This has been the worse expierence ever.After bein a payin custumer spendin over $1600 over 5 weeks we get over charged over $700 in noone seems to care.They keep sayin the district manager is gonna contact us but that hasnt happened in 6 days.My bills are due in as a mother of 5 me in my kids couldnt enjoy mothers day

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