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1. On November 19, 2014 (Approx. 12:20PM), I picked up a Kia rental at Miami Airport. It was raining really hard outside and the conditions were effecting the condensation and blurring of all the windows. The pickup / parking area was not completely protected against the elements. When I drove outside of the area, I noticed that the back window was extremely foggy. I met with my daughter (approx. 1 mile from the airport) and we were lead to a restaurant. After eating, my cousin, who is a police sergeant, lead us to the highway that would take us to Key Largo. Throughout this driving, the rear window continued to remain foggy. When I got to the Keys I checked the rear window and saw that the the previous owner had gotten a summons and the authorities had put a violations sticker on the rear window. ALAMO FAILED to REMOVE the glue residue from the window.

2. The residue did not allow me to drive for several days.

3. On November 21, 2014, I experienced more inconveniences trying to get assistance. Going through a variety of prompts I spent more time waiting and dealing with "ROBO" messages, than talking to a live person. In several cases I worried that my cell battery would go dead. These are some of the #'s used: 800-445-5664, 866-836-6893, 305-633-6076, 800-803-4444. In one case, I spoke to "Fidel" for twenty minutes and was cut off. When I called back there was no record of my first report and I had to start all over again. I spoke to a Javonte and asked if I could have it cleaned at a local garage and was told that I'd have to go to one of your Alamo offices. Both were long distances from my hotel (Hilton - Key Largo). I was told that I could get an exchange free of charge and that I would get a car of similar quality & condition. I spent the third day of my vacation calling and waiting for a car. When I received the Chevy, I realized that was in no way of similar quality. The Kia drove better and had many more features. I learned that to bring the Chevy from Miami it cost approximately $400.00 !

4. To avoid more problems with the car we were able to rely on my daughter for transportation on 11/22 and 11/23.

5. On the 11/24, I had trouble starting the car and I called Alamo to see if there was some function that would disengage the ignition. Again, I could not use the car.

6A. On 11/25/14, I asked the owner of Caribbean Water Sports (on hotel premises) for a boost from his truck's battery. The car did not start. Again I wasted a lot of time to get Alamo to send someone to give me a boost. I rushed through my breakfast to find that the serviceman got the car to start but I was told by both individuals that I would need a new battery. The serviceman sent by Alamo said that he was not authorized to put in a new battery. I tried to drive the car for 20 minutes. I tried to restart the car after I returned to the hotel, but could not.

6B. I had to waste time in phone calls and prompts again. I had made a non-refundable reservations with the Caribbean Water Sports owner to go "para-sailing" at 12:30PM. I informed everyone I spoke to at Alamo that I would be able to get the exchange between 1:30 and 2PM. I got to the parking spot at 1:35PM. At the front desk, they told me that the tow truck came at 1 PM. When I check my messages I learned that Alamo tried to send the exchange before 12:30 so that I could get the car before para-sailing. I did not make those arrangements. The driver got there a half hour late (at 1PM) and looked for me for about 15 minutes, according the front desk.

6C. I had to waste more time to get Alamo to send a fourth car. We spent all of 11/25 in tension and emotional stress. I had not used the Chevy at all for 5 days. I also learned that there was an Enterprise office in the next town. We could have avoided all of the above inconveniences if I could have gone there to CLEAN the rear window. The keys for the Volkswagon that I got were attached by a cable and I was not able to give my wife a spare. I was told by Alamo that if I had lost the set, it would cost me $450.00 !

7. Due to the DANGER, EMOTIONAL STRESS, and RIDICULOUS policies I feel that I should be credited for 5 days of the rental. I was only able to get 3 days form the Orlando office. I should also get compensated for 4 days of my hotel fees. This doesn't in any way compensate for the DANGER and EMOTIONAL STRESS !

Review about: Alamo Car Rental.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #913824

#567870 ANON, customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Alamo. I was able to pull up your rental agreement and would like to follow up with you.

Please email me at care@alamo.com with any other details and your contact information. Please reference #141210-001401 in the subject.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Monitoring Coordinator, Alamo Rent-A-Car

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