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We returned a car to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport on

Monday, January 18th around 3:00pm. Alamo confirmation Code: 274392225COUNT. Thomas L. Williams. When we arrived at the gate, I noticed my cell phone was missing. I immediately called the Alamo lost and found department from my husband's phone to see if the phone had been left in the automobile. No one answered the phone! Really???? What horrible customer service!!!!!!! Needless to say, I was livid! All I wanted to know if the phone was found or NOT!

I had to catch a flight to California without any contacts, information etc. I wrote to corporate and still no response! I don't even have the words. again, I am aghast a company of this size would have such poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Alamo Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Saturday January 26 I returned car but I forget the takeout from the windshield SunPass I want shipping to my address anyway my cellphone number is 847-271-7435


The same thing DID NOT HAPPEN TO Me. I'm a rational adult who knows to check the rental and get ALL my @#$ out of the car before turning it in.

I don't whine about "customer service" when I've done something STUPID. Your junk was probably binned the second the cleaning crew turned the car.

Completely YOUR fault. Please do not reproduce...


What a great person you are. People who lack compassion should not reproduce.

Accidents happen. God forbid you ever need help should you lose something.


I am having the same problem. I left my keys attached to the keys in the Alamo rental (in the ignition) at CVG (Cincinnati-Northern KY International Airport).

I called a few hours later. No answer all day. That night someone picked and said only one person is assigned to lost and found, and I should call her the next day. No response from her.

The automated system won't accept my claim number or my phone number. I guess I'll never get my keys back. Poor customer service.

I'm very disappointed in Alamo. Hope you never leave anything behind in one of their rentals!

@MA Roser

Same here. Keys attached to rental car keys.

No one has found them. Really?!?!?!


Yep!! the same thing happened to me on September 1st, 2018.

We dropped off the rental 4 hours earlier at JFK because we were both really exhausted and didn't want to have to go back at 9pm. I left my brand new swell bottle in the van, I immediately tried to get in touch with them but of course that was not happening. When I finally did, I was told that they did not find it. I know one of the employees stole it because if they claimed they clean the vehicles before renting again then someone would have seen it.

I told them exactly where I left it.

since we took the van back 4 hours ahead of the return it would not have been rented until maybe the next day if even. I would NEVER use them again!!


Same problem in Seattle. I did speak to someone at the Seattle site.

It had been less than an hour since we dropped car off.

They would not evwn go out and look. The car had not been cleaned so it still was in there unless someone took it out.


The SAME thing happened to us on May 19th of this year. We dropped our rental car off at OGG in Maui and as soon as we got into the airport, realized we had left two souvenir pictures between the drivers seat and the console.

Immediately called them, because we knew we didn't have time to go back to the rental car office before our flight left. No one would help us.... told us to file the claim online, which we did. We made repeated calls to Alamo upon returning home the next day and the following week and still have not heard anything from anyone and no pictures.

These pictures would be of no value to anyone but us, as they captured an amazing vacation with our children. Very sad that no one could "FIND" our pictures when we provided the VIN number of the rental car, our contract number...everything they required on the website.


I've had the same issue, I left my laptop in a rental in Orlando I called the same day all day no one answered I finally spoke with someone who advise car went back out and will call me when it comes back in this happened 11/10 its now 11/29 and still no call back I've tried several time and still no answer I was told that car would be back by 11/24. they customer service is the worst.


We had the same issue. I called Support three time as soon as I realized my item was missing, we had just reached our gate, they gave me three different numbers.

I was unable to get anyone to answer at the actual rental place.

Very dissatisfied and frustrated. I put a claim in as soon as we arrived home, still nothing.


I found an I phone in my minivan rental at Alamo rental at Atlanta Airport on 4/19/17. The website doesn't allow you to flip pages back or return to site to check on descriptions of items lost.

I've spent over an hour now trying to post the item that i found on your site, and the search to see lost items. I'm done. I don't have all day to sit here to mess with your website, you don't have real people to answer your phones. If you select the wrong button, it doesn't take you back to the selections.

Whomever set up this website should actually try asking a non computer using person to test it out. I now have to drive to a phone company to see if they can locate the owner, as your lost and found system sucks.


I had the same problem in Orlando. They gave me a faulty vehicle and proceeded to send some redneck company to deliver a replacement and pick up the old one.

The only problem is a blatant lack of procedure. The guy picking up the car should be required to clear the car with the customer and the customer should sign off. Had this been done, I would have discovered that I left my $1,000 camcorder in the car. Numerous calls later, nobody knows anything.

Not the guy picking up the vehicle nor whoever he dropped it off to. This car that had a mechanical problem was rented two days later. I will never rent there again.

It costs almost nothing to have a procedure like that. They just can't be bothered.


Anonymous,customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Alamo. I would like to follow up with you and assist you with your lost item concern.

Please email me at with the complete details, exact renting location, contact information and any rental agreement numbers. Please reference #160202-001599.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Monitoring Coordinator, Alamo Rent-A-Car