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We rented a car from Oakland and returned it on Jan 1st. Just prior to entering the gate, realized that we left our camera in the storage box in between the front two seats.

We called immediately, but ofcourse, could not get in touch with anyone because we were on hold for an hour. We filled the lost item form immediately with a detailed description of where we left our camera. We have been calling everyday but all we get is 'we will notify if we find anything'. None of the representative I`ve spoken to has been helpful enough.

We gave our VIN number and noted the exact location where the camera is. How difficult is it for someone in the area to check in the car and keep the item? If they saw the claims report, they would know where it is. It is that simple.

What is the point of filing a claims report if they don`t even look? I spoke to someone today who said the car has been rented out and IF they find out item, they will let us know. Oh, and she also told me 'we will email you, please don't call again'. It was only the first time I talked to her.

How nice!

So here is my question: when we have specifically noted the exact location of where we left the item, why did no one check before renting it out? We know where the item is and they know who they rented it out to. How difficult is it for Alamo to call up the current renters and ask them to keep the camera in the same place for them to pick it up later? Why is Alamo so bad with helping customers?

It would not even take any time for them because they won`t have to search, they`ll simply have to pick it up and keep it.

Very very disappointed in the customer service. If we do not get our item, it is their fault because we know where it is.

Do yourself a favor and NEVER leave anything in the Alamo car that you won`t mind losing. Don`t think we`ll even rent from Alamo ever again if our item is not found.

Product or Service Mentioned: Alamo Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Please keep our item we left in the car and we can have someone pick it up. .

Alamo Cons: How i was treated, Extremely unhlepful customer service.

  • Bad Customer Experience
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Review # #1440701, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences and we recognize how disappointing this must be for you. We would like to look into this further for you.

Please email ehiescalationscc@mailca.custhelp.com with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this situation.

Thank you. – Carol H.