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My mother, sister, niece (8) and nephew (5), who were driving from New York to Florida in an Alamo rental car. I am appalled at the level of service they have received during a mechanical malfunction of the first rental car they had.

When the reservation was made it was noted that the car was going to be picked up from HPN and dropped off at MCO airport. This should have been adequate notification that the car was going to be driven quite a long distance. I would surmise that prior to such a long trip the car would be inspected to ensure all items were in proper working order. However, I am not naive and I know sometimes mechanical malfunctions happen along the way, yet when paying for a rental car which has notated it will be traveling a great distance, shouldn't an inspection of some sort take place?

None the less, during my mother's drive down to Florida indicator lights for both Service traction control and Service Brake Assist appeared on the instrument panel. My mother called the customer support line and that is where my real cause for concern comes into play. My mother was told essentially to ignore the warning lights. Even after my mother told the CSR that the car was driving funny.

The customer service respresntative then told my mother that things happen with cars, and the lights might not represent anything. I am no mechanic, however when indicator lights on a vehicle illuminate that generally means there is a problem, and without servicing the car I fail to see how the CSR was able to diagnose the car's malfunction as normal and recommending that they continue on their journey. It was only at my mother's insistence that the car was not working properly that the CSR stated that she could then go to the nearest airport and change out the car. They then traveled out of their way and spent an additional 2.5 hours to deal with the car fiasco.

The delay caused them to have to spend another night on the road. I am writing for several reasons, one to inform the company of this mistreatment of their customers, and apprise you of the gross negligence illustrated by your customer service representative. Had my mother continued driving on the instance of your CSR, she and the passengers in the vehicle could have been hurt. It is just mind boggling someone would recommend such a course of action.

I have written directly to the company and left my mothers call back information. Neither of us have received any response as of yet.

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