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The Manager @LAX airport rental service was not professional with us when we went to rent a car on Sep 24th 2016. She did't even listen to our words what we were explaining about and did scolded us for asking for rental service. That was really ridiculous and not impressive. Whatever might be the issue, the customer management and relationship is very important and i'm not gonna book for anymore rental cars with Alamo anymore. Such a bad... Read more

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We rented a car from Alamo in August 2016, and upgraded to a bigger car when we picked it up. We loaded the car with my son's college items and set off for Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL. The first night, the car starting to shimmy and shake and the "check engine" light went on. We called Alamo and were told to drive it to the Melbourne Airport and pick up a new car. We explained that it seemed very unsafe to drive and was told "well, if we come... Read more

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We have been renting from Alamo for MANY years. Have never had an issue. Until now. Our plane was late, and when we arrived at the rental car building, we had only 1 car to choose. Although there were many larger vehicles, the attendant said that we could/should only take the 1 vehicle left. It was marginal at best. I also had a coupon for an upgrade which I had left behind, but didn't worry about it because we haven't needed it in the... Read more

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Alamo failed to describe charges such as taxes after use of their vehicle. I prepaid for everything for what I thought, but when I got home and looked on line I found $69 taken out of my credit card for state taxes and other charges. Neither the airline or Alamo told me about the taxes after the use. I used the same company last year with out a problem. Who is to blame Allegiant for working with Alamo or Alamo for not disclosing the added... Read more

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Alamo (enterprise) had me arrested today for on charges of grand larceny when I not only had a paid contract but brought the vehicle back the next day (just over 36 hours later). I have an arraignment tomorrow but would be interested to know if this is a habit they have when customers have paid and received a contract for a vehicle. I am attaching my contract and will upload the video if possible. THIS IS WRONG AND SHOULD BE STOPPED! It was not... Read more

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I booked a featured deal on Hotwire with Alamo for Orange County John Wayne International Airport in August of 2016. The rate was for "special car" category. On arrival at the rental counter they offered me either a PICK UP TRUCK or 12 PASSENGER TRANSPORT VAN...neither of which was a CAR. IT IS A SCAM to give away vehicles they can't rent and that use TONS OF GAS. It cost $30 additional dollars to upgrade to a regular car. I caved after... Read more

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When I made a reservation for a car to be picked up in Boston, I chose the compact car or larger rate, and they pick the size according to what is available at pickup time. The guaranteed compact size only was $20 more for the week but if I can save $20 and get a car, that's ok. When I arrived at the counter to get the car, they told me there was only a pickup truck available. It was never explained when I agreed to the "and larger" vehicle that... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896400

Now that Alamo has merged with National AND outsourced their call center to India, you can absolutley forget about the Alamo you once knew and loved. I've been with Alamo since 2002, and i recommend you stay far away. Another great company who could not find a way to pay off their top executives without screwing over customers

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 04
  • #894834

Alamo charged me an administrative fee of $13 to tell NY state who rented their car. Their cars are loaded w ezpass and so when I went through the toll and paid on my own with cash the sign flashed call ezpass. I contacted Alamo who told me there was nothing they could do because I didn't pay them in advance for ezpass. Penalize your customer for. It paying for all the extra services?

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 23
  • #887337

Alamo took $265.79 in additional charges for no reason, and wont even give me a call back to resolve this issue. By far the worst customer service experience I have EVER had!

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